Chateau Lavanau 2012 Red - Case

MWH Wines: Chateau Lavanau is located in the historic Loubes region just south of St Foy.  The vineyard sits astride chalky, sun facing slopes known locally as the 'Cradle of Duras'. This is a very special terroir and excellent wine has been grown here for over 1000 years. Legend has it that Lydia, once a mistress to Louis X1V, had the local Abbot murdered so she could annexe his land and have all the wine to herself.  Wine to die for literally!

Paul and Juliana Uhart brought the property in 2005 and set about improving viticultural practices as well as modernizing the buildings. They harvest the wine in the middle of the night so that the grapes are picked in perfect conditions. The red wine is mainly Merlot with a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon.

The wines are elegant and supple but also have that extra class that only a good terroir can achieve. Value for money here is one of the highest ratios we have ever known.

Please note this wine is only available as a case of 12 and not as single bottles. If you wish to inquire about a bottle purchase, then please contact us by clicking here.

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