Madeira - A Hidden Fine Wine Jewel

Madeira is one of the wine trade’s best kept secrets. This stylish, complex and versatile fortified wine has all the innate quality of a Vintage Port but often comes at a fraction of the price. At MWH we have long been huge fans of this characterful, unique style of fortified wine and it has been a joy to assemble our fast-growing collection.

Madeira: A Wine For All Seasons

Our collection usually includes wines of all styles and ages at prices to suit all pockets and occasions.  From bone dry Sercial and off-dry Verdelho through to medium sweet Bual and luscious Malmsey, everyday drinking age statemented bottles to classic, anniversary gift vintage Madeira, we have something for every occasion.  If you are new to Madeira then you can find out more about it by reading our guide to Madeira.