Gosset 12 ANS DE CAVE a minima Rose- Bottle

About Gosset
For over four centuries Gosset Champagne has been hand crafting a house style that stems from artistry, elegance and refinement. The oldest Wine House in Champagne, Gosset was founded in Aÿ in 1584 by Pierre Gosset. In the 18th century Gosset joined their neighbours and began to make the sparkling wines for the first time. It was at this time the house adopted the unique antique flask-shaped bottle that is still used today.  Winemaking at Gosset is as simple as possible and avoids malolactic fermentation to help protect the characteristics of each vineyard and cru.  With their individual style Gosset seek to create wines that reflect the true characteristics from the cool climate and chalk soils that make the Champagne region unique. Gosset wines are also marked by their extended ageing and the average length of time spent in the cellar across the range is 5 years.

12 Ans

Gosset 12 Ans de Cave is the creation of former Gosset Cellar Master, Jean-Pierre Mareigner. It is left to age for twelve years - length even by Gosset's standards - this cuvée is a unique blend of various vintages which come together in perfect harmony.

'Tasted at Gosset, this mid-gold wine shows the beauty of aged Gosset. Richer and softer than many of their wines, it retains the House's purity and elegance, but there's greater generosity and warmth.  The bouquet is comprised of citrus, crushed nuts, apricots and peaches, while the palate has red apple, pear, grapefruit, and white plum, plus vanilla cream." MWH Wines

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