Dixon's Double Diamond 10 yr old Tawny Port - Case of 12 Halves

MWH Wines:  "A magnum of Double-Diamond, David, to drink the health of Mr Linkinwater." So bids brother Ned on the occasion of Tim Linkinwater's birthday in Nicholas Nickleby.  David comments, "You'd be troubled to find such a glass of wine as is our Double Diamond."  Port drinking in Dickens's day was a regular pastime and Tawny Port was one of the most favoured, thanks to its comparative lightness of body and fullness of fruit.  Originally owned by Morgan Brothers, this Port is now sourced through Taylors.  Double Diamond had a tremendous following in the second half of the 19th Century and early part of the 20th.  We aim to revive this great name.

This is a classic 10 year old Tawny, carefully matured in oak casks in the cool, dark lodges of Vila Nova de Gaia.  Here it develops smooth, complex and refined flavours reminiscent of apricots and dried fruit.  Not only is it ideal as a digestif to accompany certain cheeses or nuts, but is also delicious in summer served chilled as an aperitif.

Please note this wine is only available as a case of 12 halves and not as single bottles. If you wish to inquire about a bottle purchase, then please contact us by clicking here.