Vintage Port is unlike most wines in that a vintage – wines from a single year’s harvest – remain the exception, not the rule.  While there are wines produced every year and many of these will have a year on the label, these are not all ‘Vintage Ports’.  Rather they are so-called ‘Late Bottled Vintage’ (LBVs), Single Quinta’ wines – often hailing from a single farm – or wood ports, ones that have enjoyed extended ageing in barrel.  True Vintage Ports are declared by the various shippers only in exceptional years.  This not only makes them rare  - they account for a mere 2% of production – but usually guarantees wines of exceptional quality.

In this latest blog from MWH Wines – the home of affordable fine wine – we’ll run down the Port vintages from 1900 – which are often still delicious despite their advanced age.   We hope you will find this of use, but if you are looking for a specific wine then please get in touch by calling Mike on  0118 984 4654 or by emailing MWH Wines here.

Vintage Port Vintage Chart

2017 Outstanding Warm year, concentrated wines that offer power and refinement
2016 Very Good Exciting wines that promise much.  Exuberant and full-bodied
2011 Outstanding Shades of ’77, ‘66, ’45.  Concentrated wines that have great futures
2007 Outstanding Balanced and harmonious, well-structured and generous fruit
2003 Very Good Fresher in style, yet no less serious. Good future
2000 Very Good Aromatic wines that are rich and ripe with serious structure
1997 Outstanding Firm, tannic wines with ripe fruit.  Future legends
1995 Very Good Extremely fruity, well-structured, with fine tannins, good length
1994 Outstanding Classic vintage; superlative structure, great wines
1992 Outstanding Some superb wines, high scores, some high prices
1991 Very Good Lovely balance and excellent balance 
1987 Good Balanced and elegant, with good finesse
1985 Outstanding Glorious wines that balance sweetness with power
1983 Very Good Classically styled wines that are drinking well 
1982 Good-Very Good Underrated and undervalued, good wines to be had
1980 Good Solid and well-structured, with focused fruit
1977 Outstanding Very concentrated wines built for the long-haul
1975 Good Lighter style, overshadowed by the wonderful 1977s
1970 Outstanding Harmonious and well-structured, with intense fruit
1967 Average Mixed year, Sandeman very good
1966 Outstanding Best of the decade, rich and powerful
1963 Outstanding Lovely wines, the best aromatic and with great charm
1960 Good-Very Good Hot year, concentrated wines with long lives
1958 Good Dozen shippers, wines light and tiring by now
1950 Good Decent, with a few stars such as Noval
1947 Very Good Few declared, those that did offer excellent wines
1945 Outstanding Like most of Europe’s wines, a victorious joy!
1942 Good Decent wines from a handful of good shippers
1935 Outstanding Super concentrated and very long-lived wines
1934 Very Good Tiny year but wines have such charm even now
1931 Very Good Lovely year, some wines as good as the ‘27s
1927 Outstanding Record 30 shippers declared this wonderful year
1924 Good Small crop of good wines that have stood up well
1922 Good Small crop of lighter wines
1920 Very Good Small crop, superb concentration, rather like the 1977s
1917 Good One of those years where declaration was driven by scarcity
1911 Good Only Sandeman declared in what was a good year
1908 Outstanding Great wines that combined powerful with balance
1904 Very Good Balanced, refined wines that have lasted well.  Now elegant
1900 Outstanding Wonderful wines that have stood the test of time 


Like Some Vintage Port Help?

We hope you found this of use, but if you are looking for a specific wine then please get in touch by calling Mike on  0118 984 4654 or by emailing MWH Wines here.  A recognised authority on these wines, he’ll be happy to advise you on which wine is right for you.